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A Walk in the Clouds (1995)
Love becomes complicated when World War II vet Paul Sutton (Keanu Reeves) falls for Victoria (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), a pregnant and unwed woman who persuades him -- during their first encounter -- to pose as her husband at a Napa Valley vineyard owned by her despotic father, Alberto (Giancarlo Giannini). Director Alfonso Arau helms this romantic fable, which won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score. Anthony Quinn co-stars.

Mondovino (2005)
An Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, Jonathan Nossiter's documentary examines the politics of the global wine industry and pits big business against the little guy. Nossiter toured Europe, South America and the United States for interviews with consultants from multinational corporations, "peasant" owners of family-run wineries steeped in tradition, and a variety of industry experts including influential wine critic Robert Parker.

Mondovino: The Complete Series (2004)
Soak up the rich history, aesthetics and politics of winemaking in this epic documentary series, which features 10 stories that delve into multigenerational family sagas, modern-day marketing, globalization and more. This intoxicating series, which formed the basis for Jonathan Nossiter's feature documentary of the same title, includes appearances by such luminaries of the wine world as Robert Mondavi, Robert Parker and Michael Broadbent.

Sideways (2004)
Two men go on an excursion to California wine country and end up inducing joint midlife crises in this critically acclaimed comedy-drama that won six Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Feature and Best Director. Pinot noir lover Miles (Paul Giamatti) convinces his soon-to-be-married friend Jack (Thomas Haden Church) to enjoy his last days of bachelorhood in style. But the pair end up choosing women (Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen) over wine.

Wine For Dummies (2006)
Renowned sommelier Sterling Roig is your guide for this unpretentious tutorial designed to uncork the basics of good wine for the unlearned enthusiast, with lessons that focus on understanding wine styles and grape varieties. Topics include navigating a restaurant wine list; pairing wine with food; opening, tasting and serving wine like a professional; and the ABCs of color, aroma and flavor. Extras address the 10 most common wine myths.

Blood Into Wine (2010)
This perceptive documentary tells the unusual tale of Maynard James Keenan, the hard-rocking, eccentric front man of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer who abruptly left Los Angeles in the mid-1990s to start a world-class vineyard in Arizona. Aided by wine guru Eric Glomski, Maynard tills the unlikely soil of the Verde Valley despite scoffing from wine snobs and rock fans. Will Maynard's wine, named after his mother, pass the taste test?

Wine Ways (2006)
Live life like a famous bachelor -- or at least enjoy your wine like one -- with this refreshing video tutorial hosted by vintner and reality-show star Andrew Firestone ("The Bachelor"). Filmed in California's scenic Santa Ynez Valley, the program takes viewers through the history of wine, agriculture and winemaking, concluding with tips and tricks for savoring and celebrating every last drop. Cheers!

Wine Fundamentals (2003)
Newbie wine enthusiasts who'd like to know more than just what goes well with fish or chicken can brush up on the basics with this informative program. Viewers learn about the history of wine, the various tastes and flavors that make one type or vintage different from another and the health benefits of drinking a glass or two. They'll also get tips such as what kind of wine to serve at a business dinner, how to buy wine and more.

Understanding Wine (1998)
TV's "First Lady of Wine" and certified Master of Wine Jancis Robinson takes the novice through all aspects of wine, from production, to tasting, to the business of wine, as well as reading labels and choosing wines. No more Port for us!

Love Wine
After her aunt and uncle perish in a boating mishap, Bridget Love returns to her island home to take the reins at Love Wine Corp. But she soon learns that her stewardship depends on following an unusual family custom to meet her responsibilities -- or else Bridget's eager, sexually unbridled cousin will gain control. Tara Goudreau, Robert Andrew, John DeToro, Daneen Boone and Claude McDonald star in this romantic comedy helmed by Mark McNabb.

Bottle Shock (2008)
France's position as the world's top wine producer went unchallenged until 1976, when the Montelena Winery put California wines on the map -- a story delightfully told in this full-bodied tale about the heady early days of Napa Valley's success.

Uncorked!: Wine Made Simple Vol 3 (2007)
Travel to France for a taste of some of the world's finest vintages. This PBS series, hosted by Ted Allen, is designed for all levels of wine buyers and drinkers to increase their knowledge and enhance their experience. Discover centuries of winemaking traditions, and learn how wine is categorized. See the most important regions and vineyards in the country as you develop your appreciation for this much-loved libation.

Fun-To-Know: Secrets of Wine (2004)
Geared toward those who'd like to increase their appreciation of the vintner's art, this informative guide demystifies the oft intimidating world of wine. Covering common questions about the beloved beverage, the program demonstrates proper techniques for wine tasting, offers tips on choosing a bottle and explains how to store wine for quality retention. After mastering a few basics, you'll be sipping like a sommelier in no time!

Fun-To-Know: Pairing Food & Wine (2007)
A friendly team of culinary and wine experts guides you through the tricky act of pairing the right wine with the right food. The instructors demonstrate how various food flavors can interact -- either nicely or not so nicely -- with different wines. Drawing from a wide range of multiethnic cuisine and a vast selection of wines, the presenters emphasize that there are no hard-and-fast rules but rather smart suggestions.

Story of Wine
To celebrate his wine bar's one-year anniversary, fund manager-turned-sommelier Min-sung (Ki-woo Lee) serves three unique wines that he accompanies with relevant stories about a baseball player (Ismail Ouaiahou), a young couple's blossoming romance and his own ex-girlfriend. This South Korean drama about love, friendship and wine also stars Grina Park, Hyun-jin Seo, Marcos Benjamin Lee and Min-woo No.

John Cleese's Wine For The Confused (2004)
Monty Python's witty John Cleese aims to educate the masses with this enlightening, snoot-free wine guide that finds Cleese guiding novices through the basics -- finding wines you like, getting the best value, and serving and storing wine at home. His user-friendly vintner's tour includes lessons in wine vocabulary and identifying subtle flavors, as well as useful tips for corking up condescending sommeliers.

Enjoying Wine With Mark Phillips
Learn everything you wanted to know about wine but were afraid to ask with this engaging program. Mark Phillips, the founder and executive director of the Wine Tasting Association, takes the snob factor out of the equation with his humorous and practical approach. He leads the novice through the ins and outs of wine selection; serving and storing wine; restaurant ordering; avoiding wine headaches; microwaving and freezing wine; and more.

Corked (2009)
Written and directed by Ross Clendenen (who also stars) and Paul Hawley, this delicious mockumentary takes dead aim at the pretentious would-be connoisseurs of Northern California's winemaking community. While preparing for the annual Golden Harvest Gala, four groups of rival vintners are sent into a tizzy when they learn that a celebrated wine critic is scheduled to judge the festival's wine competition.

Queer Eye: Ted's Food and Wine (2005)
"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" food-and-wine man Ted Allen hosts a collection of highlights from the show's finest moments, offering up an arsenal of appetizing tricks to help you create memorable meals. Featured segments cover everything you need to know to become king of the kitchen, from cooking with herbs and planning a menu to organizing your kitchen and choosing the right wine for your entrée.